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I'm trying to create custom filters, and I've followed the steps in the Django documention. However, when I load the template that loads the filters the following error is thrown:

'custom_filters' is not a valid tag library

...which refers to the line below in the template:

1   {% extends 'shared/base.html' %}
2   {% load custom_filters %} <--- the error
4   {% block title %}
5       Showing project {{project}}
6   {% endblock %}

The file structure:



from django import template
register = template.Library()

def ownership(project, user):
    return project.added_by_user == user

So, by some reason Django can't find the custom_filters file as it seems, even though I have done everything as one should (as far as I know).

What am I doing wrong?

NOTE: Of course I've tried to restart the server.

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Is this in an app? The app that contains the custom tags must be in INSTALLED_APPS. –  Pavel Anossov Mar 1 '13 at 13:18

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Template tags folder must be beside of templates folder, views.py, models.py, ...

 //Don't forget also to put __init__.py outside the templatetags,

 def ownership(project, user):
     return project.added_by_user == user
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