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I plot a graph with python 2.7 by using Igraph 0.6 with the Cairo extention for plotting. All good but I would like to add a legend each time I plot.

If I could only add a background image to the plot that would be also fine, because I make a white image with the right size and with the legend already added there (with general sign explanation).

None of this I can do, nor I can find by googleing it. Maybe I'm just unable to get on the right side of Google or to find the right keyword in Igraph documentations.

gp = Graph(). It's global. Has vertex and edge sequences etc. There are some lists which contain further information about vertexes and edges (in ex.: self.gp_cities, self.road_kind) Here is how I plot:

def showitshort(self,event):
    global gp
    layout = gp.layout("kk")
    color_dict = {"1": "red", "20": "blue"}
    visual_style = {}
    visual_style["vertex_size"] = 15
    visual_style["vertex_color"] = ["yellow"]
    visual_style["edge_color"] = [color_dict[elektro] for elektro in self.road_kind]
    visual_style["vertex_label"] = self.gp_cities
    visual_style["layout"] = layout
    visual_style["bbox"] = (4000, 2500)
    visual_style["margin"] = 100
    visual_style["vertex_label_dist"] = 5
    visual_style["vertex_shape"] = "triangle-up"

The right link I think is enough. Please help a little and Thank you in advance!

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The trick is that you can pass an existing Cairo surface into plot and it will simply plot the graph on that surface instead of creating a new one. So, basically, you need to construct a Cairo surface (say, an ImageSurface), draw your legend using standard Cairo calls onto that surface, then pass the surface to plot as follows:

plot(gp, target=my_surface, **visual_style)

As far as I know, plot() will not show the graph itself when invoked this way; it will simply return a Plot object. You can call the show() method of the Plot object to show it or call the save() method to save it into a PNG file.

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Ok, I give it a try. Thank you Tamás once again! :-) – Laci Mar 3 '13 at 13:56
And it did work! THANKS for Igraph!!! – Laci Mar 4 '13 at 8:13
It is not working, somehow the surface I pass to the plot becomes independent of the surface where I write the legend. – arivero Apr 17 '13 at 18:18
OK, it works for me b first drawing the Plot and then calling"tmp_filename") and surface.flush() before opening the context for the legend. – arivero Apr 17 '13 at 19:26

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