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I just upgraded SignalR from v 0.53 to 1.0.1 and found oput that IConnectionIdGenerator interface that i weere using to set clientIds on connect does not longer exsist (which made me sad).

Now the question is, how do i get around this problem?

How do i send a message to specific user (or set of users) without being able to set each specific users connection ID??

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I'm not familiar with the previous versions of SignalR but with the the version v1.0.1 you may send messages (call Javascript methods) on client from within your Hub using the Clients property.

For example:
Clients.Caller.addMessage(data); - sends a message to the caller client. Clients.All.addMessage(data); - sends a message to all clients.
etc. (Check the HubConnectionContext class).

If you need to maintain groups of clients, use the Groups property.

You can also maintain your custom groups using the Context.ConnectionId.

For detailed information you can have a look at the SignalR Wiki page.

Hope this helps you further.

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