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The PHP orm Granada based on Idiorm works the following way to retrieve fields from database:

class ORM {

  public function __get($key) {
    return $this->get($key);

class ORMWrapper extends ORM {

  public function get($key) {
        if (method_exists($this, 'get_' . $key)) {
            return $this->{'get_' . $key}();
        } elseif (array_key_exists($key, $this->_data)) {
            return $this->_data[$key];
        elseif (array_key_exists($key, $this->ignore)) {
            return $this->ignore[$key];
        // and so on ...

My problem is that if I define public $field in my model classes, the magic method __get is not called, and so the ORM does not retrieve the field from the database ?

How can I

  • Be able to declare public $field in my model classes
  • Still call the magic getter if $field is undefined

At the same time ?

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Relevant: stackoverflow.com/questions/4713680/…. If __get was called each time, I could override the ORMWrapper::get function. But it's not the case. –  pinouchon Mar 1 '13 at 14:18
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All I actually wanted to do is the have the autocompletion working on netbeans.

Just declaring my Model classes like that did the job:

 * @property int $address_id
 * @property Address $address
 * @property String $name
 * ...
class Activity extends Model {

    public function address() {
      return $this->belongs_to('Address');


This way I can do


And I have the completion and the ORM both working.

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