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I am trying to write syntax highlight in VIM.

How do you highlight a match within another match?

To find each match I created two syn match lines, which work where the matches are separate.

syn match celString "^xpath=.\{-};"      -> matches "xpath=.........;"
syn match celComment "\${.\{-}}"         -> matches "${LIB_METADATA};"

highlight syntax results - first line has separated matches, while second line has overlapping matches

The first line is showing pink for the xpath string and blue for the ${..} string.

The second line is showing pink for the xpath string, but the ${..} contained inside that string is ignored.

I've tried to change the order of the syn match lines, but that doesn't have any affect.

I'd appriciate your ideas.



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my guess is using groups? – Aram Kocharyan Mar 1 '13 at 14:13
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By default, Vim only applies the syntax groups to text that hasn't yet been assigned a syntax. To specify that one group can contain other groups, use the contains=... attribute:

:syn match celString "^xpath=.\{-};" contains=celComment

The order of definition shouldn't matter here. See :help :syn-contains for more information.

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Thanks. This did the work. – RaamEE Mar 1 '13 at 14:47

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