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I have created a subclass of UIToolbar. And setting toolbar items from that class. On ViewController, i took a toolbar and assign it a class subclass of UIToolbar. Its showing toolbar items on it.

The problem is that, when i update toolbar items its not showing on viewController. When i go to another view and come to this view its showing updated toolbar items.

I need an immediate refresh of toolbar items on that viewController.

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refresh is not possible :) –  iPatel Mar 1 '13 at 14:17

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In the viewController that contains your UIToolbar, call "[self.view setNeedsLayout]" (or even just [self.toolbar setNeedsLayout]) to force re-drawing of the graphics context.

On a different note, though: You should not need to subclass UIToolbar to just set the toolbar items. Create a UIToolbar and set its items array by calling [self.myToolbar setItems:@[item1, item2, ...]]

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