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s1= 'ldoed@dldkeo@fkfok@dkf@'

output like 'ldoedKdldkeo@fkfokKdkf@'

Replace first @ and third @ from string with character 'K'

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Try this using charindex() and stuff():

Fiddle demo 1

declare @s1 varchar(100)= 'ldoed@dldkeo@fkfok@dkf@', @count int = 0 

select @count = charindex('@',@s1,@count+1), 
       @s1 = case isremove when 1 then 
             stuff(@s1, charindex('@',@s1,@count) ,1,'K') else @s1 end
from (values (1),(0),(1)) t(isremove)

Fiddle demo 2

declare @s1 varchar(100)= 'ldoed@dldkeo@fkfok@dkf@'

select stuff(stuff(@s1,first,1,'K'),third,1,'K')
from (
select charindex('@',@s1,1) first,
   charindex('@',@s1,charindex('@',@s1,charindex('@',@s1,1)+ 1)+1) third
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It should be first and third chars that needs to be replaced. –  Sunny Mar 1 '13 at 15:13
@Sundeep, thanks ! fixed –  Kaf Mar 1 '13 at 15:17

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