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I have three methods and two switches

I would like

  • MethodA to be run if SwitchA is set
  • MethodB to be run if SwitchA and SwitchB is set
  • MethodC to be run if SwitchA and SwitchB is set and an arguement for SwitchB is produced

Like so

./main --switchA
./main --switchA --switchB
./main --switchA --switchB Hello

My code

my $result = GetOptions{
             "SwitchA" => \$opt_a,
             "SwitchB:s" => \$opt_b

 methodA if($opt_a);
 methodB if($opt_a && $opt_b eq "");
 methodC if($opt_a && $opt_b ne "")

I have tried different things but essentially, If I just want MethodB to run, Method A always runs, and if I want MethodB to run, MethodA always runs.

Haven't got round to testing MethodC yet.

Any help?

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This isnt the actual code. – James Mclaren Mar 1 '13 at 15:35
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methodA if $opt_a && !defined($opt_b);
methodB if $opt_a && defined($opt_b) && $opt_b eq "";
methodC if $opt_a && defined($opt_b) && $opt_b ne "";


if ($opt_a) {
   if (defined($opt_b)) {
      if ($opt_b eq "") {
      } else {
   } else {
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