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I'm trying to insert into the front of a linked list and also return an allocated head for when head is NULL, but it seems to only work in the event that head is not NULL.

essentially, if

node* x = NULL;


x = addfront(x, 3)


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What do you mean "it only works if head is not NULL"? what does it do when it "doesn't work"? Also what does addfront() do/return? – Mike Mar 1 '13 at 15:22
It may or may not be valid depending on the code inside addfront. – zwol Mar 1 '13 at 15:22

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Is using a function that assigns to a null pointer using the null pointer as an argument valid in C?

It depends on addfront contents. As long as you don't dereference x in addfront, it is perfectly valid, because dereferencing a null pointer is an undefined behavior.

it seems to only work in the event that head is not NULL.

We need addfront source code. If you don't dereference x, the error is elsewhere.

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Null pointers are ok as long as you don't try to dereference them.

Something like

node* x = NULL;
x = NULL;

Is perfectly fine.

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