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I'm trying to make an animation over a YouTube video. The problem is that when flash is not activated, all works fine, but when I activate flash, the div goes below the video a you can't see it. I tried to use z-index, but it doesnt works. Here are some videos to ilustrate:

This is how the animations should look: https://mega.co.nz/#!iVNExIxL!X_kxDWHtIPChRNz-Mef_KQ499QEluuc0rR-FHTYjUN0

And this happens when activating flash: https://mega.co.nz/#!fZk03J6D!KbY6CT7KTWnOg4a42K-UQx7vGGNxZ1zinaZnI8IpkmE

Here is the code used:

#div {
animation:open 6s reverse ease-in;
@keyframes open {
0% {left:698px;opacity:0;visibility:collapse;}
50% {left:338px;opacity:1;visibility:visible;}
100% {left:698px;opacity:0;visibility:collapse;}


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You need to specify opaque for the wmode parameter when you embed the Flash object on your page. The other value for wmode that might be relevant is transparent. You can read about them here. Both of these allow you to layer things on top of or behind the Flash app.

Note, that using these wmode values makes Flash have to work harder. It also can expose issues in some browsers, and it will break accessibility in the Flash app if that is a concern. Don't mean to alarm you, the bugs are often corner cases and you probably won't notice any performance issues unless you're doing rocket science.

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