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I am searching through three text files for one of four specific gene names (stored in $var#). When it is found, it takes the value found after the gene name and adds it to a count. We then average the value by taking total $count_exp# and dividing by the number of appearances within all files.

What is the proper way to let the user know when a gene name is not found in each file? I'm having difficulties handling the flow of this loop/conditional.

Here is a snippet of code that handles one of the three text files....

    foreach $hyperosmotic(@hyperosmotic)
    chomp $name;
    chomp $exp;
    if ($name eq $var1)
    $count_exp1 = $count_exp1 + $exp;       
    $count_var1 = ++$count_var1;    
    elsif ($name eq $var2)
    $count_exp2 = $count_exp2 + $exp;
    $count_var2 = ++$count_var2;    
    elsif ($name eq $var3)
    $count_exp3 = $count_exp3 + $exp;
    $count_var3 = ++$count_var3;    
    elsif ($name eq $var4)
    $count_exp4 = $count_exp4 + $exp;
    $count_var4 = ++$count_var4;
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Maybe } else { $count_not_found_exp += $exp; $count_not_found_var++; }? Not exactly sure what you are asking for – knittl Mar 1 '13 at 15:46
Skip all the if blocks and take amon's advice and use hashes. – TLP Mar 1 '13 at 17:09

You basically want to use arrays:

(and use strict; use warnings;)

my @count_var = (0)x4;
my @count_exp = (0)x4;
my @var = ($var1, $var2, ...);

for my $hyperosmotic (@hyperosmotic) {

    my ($name, $exp) = split /\t/, $hyperosmotic;

    for my $i (0 .. $#var) {
      if ($name eq $var[$i]) {
        $count_exp[$i] += $exp;
        next HYPEROSMOTIC; # jump into next iteration of the labeled loop

    # this code is only reached if no var matched:
    die qq[I don't have a var for name "$name"];
    # That just threw a fatal error. You may want to do something different.

You could improve efficiency by using hashes:

my %counts = (
  $var1 => {exp => 0, var => 0},
  $var2 => {exp => 0, var => 0},
  $var3 => {exp => 0, var => 0},
  $var4 => {exp => 0, var => 0},

for my $hyperosmotic (@hyperosmotic) {
  my ($name, $exp) = split ...;
  if (my $count = $counts{$name}) {
    $count->{exp} += $exp;
  } else {
    die qq[I don't have a var for name "$name"];
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