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I apologize in advance if SQL doesn't work this way, I mostly code in C++/C# and I don't have much experience in SQL. I basically want to iterate through each row of the table and change a column value based on the other columns. An example table might look like this:

|first #|second #|third #|

Now, in pseudo code, I am trying to get the equivalent of:

foreach row in mytable, column 3 = column 1 + column 2

What would be a way to get an SQL equivalent of this, or can it not be done in this way?

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This could be simple as this,

UPDATE tableName
SET    thirdCol = firstCol + secondCol
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As has already been answered a simple update can be done using:

SET     Column3 = Column1 + Column2;

However storing caclulated values, especially for simple calculations is not good practice (there are always exceptions and this is a guideline not a rule), if column3 should always be the sum of Column1 and column2 then if your DBMS permits it you could create a calculated column.

e.g. In SQL-Server:

ALTER TABLE MyTable ADD Column4 AS Column1 + Column2;

If your DBMS does not permit computed columns then you could create a view, so you are only storing the base data and not the calculation (again syntax may vary by DBMS):

CREATE VIEW myTableWithTotal
    SELECT  Column1, Column2, Column1 + Column2 AS Column2
    FROM    MyTable

Either of these methods will ensure your column3 value remains up to date even if column1 or column2 are updated

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Thanks for the addition information! I thankfully don't need to implement anything like this but it's useful to know for future applications. –  proseidon Mar 1 '13 at 16:10

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