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I have a Logitech webcam (QuickCam Pro for Notebooks), and I'd like to take a snapshot using the cam from a command line.

Does it have any command line interface?

If not, is there an API that will allow me to build a command line tool like this?

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You could use OpenCV to build such a command line application yourself. Basically you would use captureFromCam() to initialize the camera and then call QueryFrame() to capture a picture. Should be straightforward.

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I know this is an old discussion, but maybe you arrived here like I did recently looking for a simple command line app to capture a snapshot image from a webcam in Windows. If so, have a look at the following post on my blog:


It's about a little program called snapz that I've just written to take a snapshot from a USB camera in a batch file. It's really basic - when you run it, it snaps a 640x480 image from the default video capture device (e.g. webcam) and saves it to the current directory. It's free and easy to use.

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The question itself is not programming related, just a request of some hardwares bundled softwares documentation.

I will answer the question as it WAS a programming question.

If you talking about webcams on a windows OS you can use DirectShow as in this example:


Just create a console application in visual studio that takes some commandline parameters and let it use the code in the example and you are on your way.

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