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I am looking at 20000 line schema and I want to check what has changed in this schema since previous release. I need to figure out what is different in 2 versions of same schema.

Are there any good tools for that? 90% of schema is still the same, but I want some kind of list of changes. Any help is appreciated.

edit => The challenge in comparison is that version 1 of the schema is split into 4 schema (one including another) and version 2 is one single merged schema.

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I am asking about XML schemas, that's the reason I tagged my question with XSD and XML – user1493140 Mar 3 '13 at 17:38

QTAssistant (I am associated with it) has an XML Schema compare built in the XML Schema Refactoring (XSR) module. All you need to do is:

  • Create a new XML Schema Refactoring File
  • Create a new XML Schema collection. You automatically get a Version 1.0.0 associated with this collection.
  • Add your first set of XSD files (one or more, whatever is you consider a version).
  • Add a new version (it'll be automatically incremented to 1.1.0)
  • Add your other version's files to this.
  • Right click on the the one of the versions and invoke the Compare with Version... command
  • At the prompt choose the other version to compare with.

QTAssistant XSR choose schema version

  • Explore the report. You can export it in Excel, etc.

This is showing comparing two different versions of ACORD, 2.21.0 vs. 2.26.0; I've picked them since also one is 1 file, and the other is 4 files.

QTAssistant XML Schema diff

This is what a report looks like.

enter image description here

When you click on the source, you can see a graphical representation, side by side (if applicable).

enter image description here

It may get some time to get used to the Status and Extended status, and in our experience different people may have a different interpretation, since nuances in XSD compare can be multiple. Nonetheless, support is one email away.

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In fact I am working on ACORD schema itself. The information that you provided is very helpful. By any means does your tool provide the ability to slice the schema into a subset? The full Acord schema is huge and we do not need 80% of the stuff in there for our transactions. – user1493140 Mar 5 '13 at 23:37
A lucky guess (ACORD was the only example I could think of which matched your scenario). Yes, you could do that very easily - the tool was designed for that. If you wish, contact me directly through the support address on my website and we can take it from there. – Petru Gardea Mar 6 '13 at 1:18

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