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This is a query related to mysql. I have created a view using two tables... One of the fields in a table is "date", without any default value (i.e. null or dd-mm-yyyy or anything else). Now when I run a conditional query with [ date between '2012-01-01' and '2012-03-31' ], I get a different number of rows then the ones I get with [ date between '2012-1-1' and '2012-3-31' ].

One more important thing I see after using "desc viewName" is that it shows the default value for that date as '0000-00-00'.

If the query is as follow, I will get 120 rows :

select * from billing_master where date(pay_date) between '2012-1-1' and'2013-1-1';

If the query is as follow, I will get 45 rows :

select * from billing_master where date(pay_date) between '2012-01-01' and'2013-01-01';

Does anyone have an idea about it ?

Regards, Sohil S.

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What is the DataType of the pay_date field? Is it date? –  Ruben_PH Mar 1 '13 at 19:15

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Assuming your pay_date field is of datatype DATE,


if it is of type VARCHAR, etc. and you are just converting it to DATE per se


Your Query should look like something like this:

SELECT * FROM billing_master  
WHERE DATE_FORMAT(DATE(pay_date),'%Y-%m-%d')  
BETWEEN '2012-01-01' AND '2013-01-01';
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Thanks for the response... I tried using the query given by you with two different conditions i.e. between '2012-01-01' and '2013-01-01' as well as between '2012-1-1' and '2013-1-1' and they showed different results... its really very strange... –  Sohil Mar 2 '13 at 14:13
have you tried searching if you have the values '2012-1-1'? MySQL stores date with leading zero's so I assume this has something to do with your values stored. –  Ruben_PH Mar 3 '13 at 3:23
I checked the list of dates using select query and did not find any with '2012-1-1' i.e. without any leading zero... –  Sohil Mar 3 '13 at 13:58

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