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Reference that I found here:
Are Open Graph tags just for Facebook?

And of course searching a bit through the internet - mostly self written resources from blogs that contained no direct cited information / links. However, I didn't find any direct answers of a reasonably (decent) list available anywhere.

I also reviewed as a comparison for Schema.org's Microdata, but no list:
OpenGraph or Schema.org?

What are some services that also use OGP besides Facebook?

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Here are some web services that "consume" the Open Graph Protocol (OGP), besides Facebook:

  • Google Search uses OGP (among other standards) to display rich snippets in search results. See their Structured Data Testing Tool.
  • Google+ also takes advantage of OGP.
  • Twitter uses OGP for Twitter Cards. "When the Twitter card processor looks for tags on your page, it first checks for the Twitter property, and if not present, falls back to the supported Open Graph property."
  • Bing uses OGP for displaying rich search results. See their webmaster help docs.
  • Embed.ly uses OGP according to Yammer's dev. docs. This also means that every service that uses Embed.ly will also benefit from OGP.
  • Mixi (popular Japanese social site) seems to use OGP. Check their dev. docs.
  • Yandex seems to index OGP for videos at least. Here is their help docs (in Russian).
  • Blekko seems to use OGP according to the answer by its CTO :)
  • Socialcast (vmware) seems to support it according to this blog post.
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blekko uses Open Graph metatags for our izik tablet search app and ROCKZi news reading thingie to help select good images for links -- both show an image with every result link.

We've found that og:image has been quite common and reliable in production.

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