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I have a script where I use win32com to interact with a COM service. It works as intended when the program is already open. I connect to it using win32com.client.dynamic.Dispatch, then interact with a document that should already be open. Assuming the program is already open, I can easily check if a document is open, but I'm not sure how to check if the program is already open or not. When I use the Dispatch mentioned, it just starts the program if it isn't already open, which is not what I want.

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try win32com.client.GetActiveObject() method. This is what I use in some convenience functions I've written, this one for Excel:

def Excel(visible=True):
    '''Get running Excel instance if possible, else 
    return new instance. 
        excel = win32com.client.GetActiveObject("Excel.Application")
        print("Running Excel instance found, returning object")

        excel = new_Excel(visible=visible)
        print("No running Excel instances, returning new instance")

        if not excel.Workbooks.Count:
        excel.Visible = visible

    return excel

new_Excel is just another convenience function for opening new instances of the Excel application object.

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