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I feel like this is a really obvious bug but I really can't figure it out. It seems as if the comparison operators in VBScript aren't working properly. I'm writing a program in which the user enters an order amount, and this amount is compared to 1000. If I enter 200 for the order amt, the program outputs that 200 > 1000 = true.

Here is the code for my program:

largeOrderAmt = 1000
orderAmt = Inputbox("What is the order amount?")
Document.write(orderAmt & largeOrderAmt & (orderAmt > largeOrderAmt))

If orderAmt <= largeOrderAmt then
 Document.write ("if statement called <br>")
 Document.write ("else statement called <br>")

and here is the output: 200 1000True else statement called

I really don't get it. This is extremely frustrating. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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That's because the values are compared as strings:

"200" > "1000" = True

Convert your input into a number using CInt or CDbl, e.g.:

orderAmt = CDbl(Inputbox("What is the order amount?"))
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thank you very much! – Undefined Mar 1 '13 at 17:15

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