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I'm trying to create multiple gaussian filters in a loop like so:

for sigma:3:0.4:15
    filter = fspecial('gaussian', 6*sigma, sigma);

It doesn't like me passing a float to the size parameter, and gives me the following error:

Expected input number 2, N, to be integer-valued.

But when I change the line of code to this:

filter = fspecial('gaussian', uint8(6*sigma), sigma);

I get this error:

Expected input number 2, N, to be one of these types:
Instead its type was uint8.

I'm fully baffled, any advice would be appreciated.

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The function is expecting an integer (i.e. a whole number) of type double. That argument determines the size of the matrix that is returned, so it doesn't make sense to pass a fractional argument there. – jerad Mar 1 '13 at 17:16
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The documentation implies that if the first argument of fspecial is 'gaussian', the second argument is to be an integer. This does not imply anything on the expected type of the argument, only that it has to be a rounded number.

From your second try and the resulting error, I understand that the expected type of the second argument is a double.

Therefore the command you are looking should be something like

filter = fspecial('gaussian', floor(6*sigma), sigma);

or something close (see the floor function documentation for alternative functions to round real numbers to integers).

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