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I have a task to fetch a list of employees from a table having experience greater than or equal to 2 years. I have the 'joined_date'field in table employee.Am using cakephp framework.Can you suggest me the way for fetching the details.Thanks in advance.

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See datediff in the page. It will compute the difference between dates. –  Ed Heal Mar 1 '13 at 17:18

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You would first need to connect to the database using one of various methods. Then use SQL to fetch the records.

Assuming the field joined_date is a timestamp and is in a table called employee...

Here is an example using odbc_connect...

    // Connect to the database
    $conn = odbc_connect($server ,$username ,$password );

    // Define the query
    $query = "
        SELECT * FROM employee
        WHERE joined_date >= now() - INTERVAL 2 YEAR

    // Execute the query and assign the results to a resource
    $res = odbc_exec($conn,trim($query));

    // Loop through the results 
    while($row = odbc_fetch_array($res)) 

    // Close the connection

PHP odbc_connect

MySQL Date & Time Functions

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