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I did something quite similar to this: Parallel asynchronous Ajax requests using jQuery

We develop a public website, utilizing shopping apis from amazon,ebay etc.

i have 3 requests going off in parallel ( I know they go off in parallel, because I pass in the client's current time as a parameter), but they seem to be processed (serverside) one after the other. To proof this, I response out the start and end time in my controller routine. In VS2008, using the little debug webserver, it works perfectly. But running mod_mono on Apache, I never get it to run in parallel.

Setup: Mono 2.4.latest, Linux OpenSuse 11, Virtual Server, showing 4 cpus in cpuinfo, Apache (running worker MPM with high performance settings), hosted by a professional service.

Any ideas ? Is this something I have to worry about ? I do worry about scalibility in large, when all requests are handled one after the other.. will it scale better if the request would come from different machines (users) ?

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Would you mind posting a sample, it is not clear from your question how you configured mod_mono or what your software is doing. With a test case, we could provide you with an answer. –  miguel.de.icaza Oct 10 '09 at 17:59
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