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I would like to do Gantt chart in javafx, but there is no examples how can I do this. I tried convert bar chart to gantt chart, but this didn't bring good results. :/ Is there any easy way to do it?

Ps. sorry for my english ;p

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Did you observe a source code of opened part of javafx 2? – Alexander Kirov Mar 1 '13 at 19:04
I think, the only way to get it - is to create it by yourself, now. – Alexander Kirov Mar 1 '13 at 19:17

Ok, as you don't comment on my comments, I'll leave a version of official answer.

Now, Gant diagram is not a part of JavaFX 2+, and I don't know about an existing samples, where it is already built. So, the answer is - to build it by yourself.

Some part of JavaFX is open source, javafx controls, and javafx-charts projects are open-sourced as well. They can be found here :

You can observe code of bar charts, line charts (and, may be, a scroll pane - for large charts), and it should become clear enough to understand, how to build a Gant chart yourself. It will require some coding, yes..

Possibly, if it will be created well, you can even go through the process and contribute it into open jfx.

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Maybe you can try my commercial framework called FlexGanttFX for JavaFX Gantt charts.

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