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I am trying to get the yasnippet and pabbrev packages working together with emacs, but I cannot seem to get any love. How can I get them to play nicely together?

The crux of the problem is that pabbrev and yasnippet are binding to the tab keys. Both packages seem to do this fallback when a match isn't found, but they don't fall back properly.

I am currently using Emacs W32 (the last emacs 22 release). yasnippet is byte compiled, but pabbrev is not.

Edit: Thus far neither tabkey2 nor hippie expand work out of the box, which is why I have yet to mark either solution as a correct answer. I'm hacking away at tabkey2 to make it work though.

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More data needed. Are you byte-compiling? – jfm3 Sep 30 '08 at 5:40
How are they "not playing nicely" can you be more concrete? – jfm3 Sep 30 '08 at 5:42
Hahha. Me = lame. Question is updated. – Jonathan Arkell Sep 30 '08 at 5:44
did you get it working? Can you post what you did? – jacob May 5 '09 at 18:56
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Have a look at tabkey2.el. It looks like it addresses the problem you're having.

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I use hippie-expand to manage tab expansion packages.

The following code will try each package in order to expand your tab key press:

(require 'hippie-exp)

(setq hippie-expand-try-functions-list

Note: hippie-expand will probably not work with pabbrev, because pabbrev is an emacs minor mode.

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