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If I wan't to code a WindowsPhone8-/WinRT-App I recieve a temporary licence. If I debug my app it will be installed localy or on the remote device (that I added to the debuger).

My question is, can I use the installed app after the licence key expires? Or do I need to connect my tablet again to the pc to "rebuild" the app with the new key?

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If the license expires you can't launch your app again and you will need to rebuilt it after extending your license.

You can extend the 30 days to 90 days with a Windows Store account or create a business account.

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For Windows Phone:

There is no limit for the Windows Phone emulator (but then again all apps are wiped when you restart the emulator).

For a Windows Phone developer device which you have registered there is an expiry date you can check on the developer portal.

It's under Dashboard>>Account>>Phones.

This is typically one year from the date of unlocking your developer phone. After the expiry date the apps will no longer run and you will need to re-unlock your phone.

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