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Okay so this question has been asked to death on here but I still haven't found the actual MySql statement answer. Just a lot of reasons why it doesn't work. For someone that is new to SQL that doesn't really help me, I need an example. This is what I have:

**Table One**

    key             bigint(4)               UNSIGNED                     auto_increment                         
    username        varchar(10)             utf8_general_ci                                          
    score           bigint(5)               UNSIGNED                                                
    password        varchar(60)             utf8_general_ci              NULL   

PRIMARY      PRIMARY 15      key
username     UNIQUE  15      username

**Table Two**
key             bigint(4)                               No      auto_increment                          
username        varchar(10)     utf8_general_ci         No                                   
score_old       bigint(11)                              No                                  
score_high      bigint(11)                              No  .

PRIMARY          PRIMARY    16   key
username         UNIQUE     16   username

Both tables have data in them. I want to populate Table Two score_high with Table One score column. When I try

INSERT INTO Table2( score_high ) 
SELECT score
FROM Table1 

I get

> > MySQL said:

> #1062 - Duplicate entry '' for key 2

A clear, layman, explanation would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Please don't tag MySQL questions with sql-server. –  Aaron Bertrand Mar 1 '13 at 18:06
@AaronBertrand sorry thanks for pointing that out –  Anthony Russell Mar 1 '13 at 18:07
No problem. Good luck with your question. Sorry I can't help; I can only spell MySQL. –  Aaron Bertrand Mar 1 '13 at 18:07

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UPDATE Smuckers_Users SET score_high = (SELECT score FROM Smuckers_Info WHERE Smuckers_Users.username = Smuckers_Info.username)
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Let's start with

INSERT INTO Table2( score_high ) 
SELECT score
FROM Table1  

You are inserting score from Table1 into Table2, populating only the score_high column

Question : What unique column is getting in the way ?

Look at the definition of table2. It has two UNIQUE KEYs

  • username

Since the PRIMARY KEY is an auto_increment column, that is ruled out.

How is UNIQUE KEY on username getting in the way ?

When you insert just a score (say 100,000) into the score_high column, what will the value of username? Most likely a blank field. One row can get in with NULL username. What happens when you attempt to insert another row when you place another score into table? Another row with a blank username. Two rows with blank usernames cannot coexist in table2.

Looking back at what MySQL said

1062 - Duplicate entry '' for key 2

Key 2 is the UNIQUE KEY on username

The entry is '' (an empty string)

Mystery solved ( Q.E.D. )

Question : How can you populate table2 ?

INSERT INTO Table2( username,score_high ) 
SELECT username,score
FROM Table1  

This should work just fine because username is unique in table1. Rows from table1 should go into table2 without any incidents.

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