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In my application I have a AsymmetricCipherKeyPair keyPair and KeyParameter key. From that, I need to generate a PKCS#8 representation of the private key in the form


Can anybody give me a hint on how I could accomplish that?

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You can use org.bouncycastle.crypto.util.PrivateKeyInfoFactory to create a PrivateKeyInfo object from the private KeyParameter. getEncoded() on that will return the bytes that represent the PKCS#8 version of the key.

The PEM headings you give do suggest you might want an OpenSSL encoding instead - in that case you should be able to use the BC PEMWriter in conjunction with the PrivateKeyInfo object, or in conjunction with a PrivateKey object generated using KeyFactory with the encoding of PrivateKeyInfo passed in as a PKCS8EncodedKeySpec (sort of depends on what version of BC you are using).



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