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How can I simplify this jquery selector? $(this).parent().parent().next().children().children().slideDown('normal');

It works but I want to learn on how to improve it. Thanks! :)

Update: Here is the code sample.

    <td><div class="LinkHeader accordionButton">TRAINING VIDEOS<span class="right"></span></div></td>
    <!-- Content of Training Videos -->
    <td align="left" valign="top">
    <div class="accordionContent"> (I want to select this div)
        <div id="yunero"></div>
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According to your markup, it would be shorter (and arguably clearer) to write:


Here, closest() will walk the ancestor chain and match the first <tr> element it finds, then next() will match its immediate next sibling, and finally find() with a class selector will return the <div> element you're interested in.

In passing, note that strictly speaking there is no "normal" duration for animations. The only supported strings are "fast" (200 ms) and "slow" (600 ms), and any other string will be interpreted as 400 ms, as if you had omitted the argument altogether. For instance, slideDown("superFast") will behave exactly the same as slideDown("normal") or plain slideDown().

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