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Is a POST to graph.facebook.com/?id={id}&scrape=true (as documented here) supposed to expire cache and update already-published timeline data immediately?

I have noticed in my case that when I update an og:image value for an Open Graph object page, enter the object's URL in the Facebook Debugger and then refresh my friend's Facebook timeline, I see the updated og:image immediately.

However, I do not see existing timeline open graph action publishes updated when using the graph.facebook.com/?id={id}&scrape=true method. It seems like my POST to scrape is not working, but the response I get is a JSON with all the updated data I expect. I also notice that any new timeline posts for the same object have the new og:image referenced immediately, so it seems like the scrape is working - but not updating existing posts. Is there a way to force existing timeline posts to be updated as well, or is that working for others?

Thanks in advance

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After a bit more research, I seemed to have a race condition issue here. Adding a delay to force the Facebook post a few seconds after persisting object changes fixed the issue for me.

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