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Hi I just started playing with Mongoose. It seems pretty awesome!

Now coming from a Django background, how would one implement a type of options field like:

STATUS_OPTIONS : [{"Open",1},{"Closed",2},{"Pending",3"}]
status: { type:String, required:true, options:STATUS_OPTIONS },

So that it can be set like status = Open or something like that.

Or should this just be a normal String field and I set it accordingly in my app?

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You can constrain a Mongoose schema string field to a set of enumeration values with the enum attribute:

var s = new Schema({
    status: { type: String, enum: ['Open', 'Closed', 'Pending'] }
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What you may be trying to do is reference some possibilities, right? Probably like an enum field type.

Well, you may have better luck using directly an String or using another Schema (but if you only need the strings Closed, Open, Pending, this wouldn't be needed).

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