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A simplified view of the problem I'm having....

  • A TableView TV contains two TableColumns (Name, Value).

  • A data structure Class obj_data contains two data items, SimpleStringProperty location, and double X. Multiple obj_data objects are stored in an observalable list and used with the TableView TV as it's data source

  • In the rendering of TableColumn Name, I need to get and the interrogate the value the corresponding X in order to change some visual attribute of the location tableCell..

I've played around with...

nameColumn.setCellValueFactory(new Callback, ObservableValue>()...

to return the value of obj_data element but am having difficulty trying to get the index of the table cell so I can correctly render the "location" field.. Hope this makes sense!

PS: This was so much more simple pre-javaFX with cellrenderers since I could get the row & col locations in the callback arguments! Thanks in advance!

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