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I have a problem regarding creating a object of a class in c# where a class name is stored in a string variable

eg. String str="Pilot"

As we create object of the class like this
ClassName objectname=new ClassName();

due to some reason instead of ClassName i need to use String Variable which stores my Class name.

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have a look at this question: How do I create an instance from a string in C#? – user2985029 Mar 1 '13 at 18:42
@Usre...what is the reason for this requirement? – MikeTWebb Mar 1 '13 at 18:43

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You would use Type.GetType(string) and then Activator.CreateInstance(Type):

Type type = Type.GetType(str);
object instance = Activator.CreateInstance(type);


  • The type name must include the namespace, e.g. Foo.Bar.SomeClassName
  • Unless you specify an assembly-qualified type name, Type.GetType(string) will only look in the currently executing assembly and mscorlib. If you want to use other assemblies, either use an assembly-qualified name or use Assembly.GetType(string) instead.
  • This assumes there's a public parameterless constructor for the type
  • Your variable type has to just be instance, as the type of a variable is part of what's needed at compile time
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Jon, i think you answered this like 4 years ago: :-) – Christian.K Mar 1 '13 at 18:46

Here is an example. You will probably need to specify the full namespace path.

Namespace.Pilot config = (Namespace.Pilot)Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetType("Namespace.Pilot"));
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You would use Reflection to do so:

var type = Assembly.Load("MyAssembly").GetTypes().Where(t => t.Name.Equals(str));
return Activator.CreateInstance(type);
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You can do this via usage of the Activator:

var type = "System.String";
var reallyAString = Activator.CreateInstance(
        // need a Type here, so get it by type name
        // string's has no parameterless ctor, so use the char array one
        new char[]{'a','b','c'});


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