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I have a problem in my Crystal Reports generation program. I am getting the following error:

Error in formula <intNotChanged>.
This field name is not known.
Details: errorKind

Here is the formula:

Round ({dtPriceReport.CurCost},2)=Round ({dtPriceReport.OldCost},2) AND 
Round ({dtPriceReport.CurPrice},2)=Round ({dtPriceReport.OldPrice},2) AND 
Round ({dtPriceReport.CurList},2)=Round ({dtPriceReport.OldList},2) AND 
Round ({dtPriceReport.curTrade},2)=Round ({dtPriceReport.oldTrade},2) AND
{dtPriceReport.OldComCode}={dtPriceReport.CurComCode} AND
{dtPriceReport.CurProd}={dtPriceReport.OldProd} AND
Round ({dtPriceReport.CurNewPrice},2)=Round ({dtPriceReport.OldNewPrice},2) AND
{dtPriceReport.CurNewPriceDate}={dtPriceReport.OldNewPriceDate} AND

I have checked and all of the variables listed are present in the report. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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sounds more like it's complaining about the iif() itself than any of the fields you're using in it. try a simple iif(1=1, 1, 0) and see if you get the same error. – Marc B Mar 1 '13 at 18:45
What platform are you running this on? Are you able to preview the report from the report designer? – reckface Sep 25 '13 at 8:10

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