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I have three models - Usage(month, elec, gas), Project(project_type, date_implemented, manual_elec_savings, manual_gas_savings) and monthly_project_savings(elec, gas, usage_id, project_id). The associations are set up as follows:

Project has_many :monthly_project_savings,
    has_many :usages, through :monthly_project_savings

Usage   has_many :monthly_project_savings
    has_many :projects, through :monthly_project_savings

monthly_project_saving belongs_to :usage, :project

I have a method in my Project model so that after a project is saved, it calculates the associated monthly_project_savings based on the project_type:

def calc_monthly_project_saving

//destroy all previous records

//calculate monthly savings
    Usage.all.each do |u|

    if self.project_type = "General" && self.date_implemented <= u.month
      self.monthly_project_savings.create(usage_id:, elec: self.manual_elec_savings, gas: self.manual_gas_savings)
    elsif self.project_type="Elec" && self.date_implemented <= u.month
      self.monthly_project_savings.create(usage_id:, elec: u.elec, gas:0)
    elsif self.project_type="Gas" && self.date_implemented <= u.month
      self.monthly_project_savings.create(usage_id:, elec: 0, gas:u.gas)

I then call it using after_save :calc_monthly_project_saving.

My problem is that if I call the method using "after_save", the first if statement will always pass true, even if the project_type is different. As well as this, if I change the first self.monthly_project_savings.create(elec:) from self.manual_elec_savings to u.elec, then it returns monthly_project_savings as elec.

If I change it to call before_save, then it throws the error: "You cannot call create unless the parent is saved", which makes sense. Although it will work this way when editing existing project records, but sometimes the date_implemented will change to "t" or "f". I have no idea how to do this, help??

Also as an aside, why does rails set the value of date_implemented to "f" if I call the method before_save when editing an existing record?

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My god! I spent a full day trying to figure out this problem....I solved it by changing the "=" in the if statements to "==". Feckin typos!

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