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I am building a PHP shopping cart that pulls the item info and price from a mySQL database. This is actually functioning perfectly. The issue is I now need to add the functionality of adding an item to the cart using form data, instead of from the database. The reason I need to do this is that it is a build-your-own kind of thing with multiple options. So I created a form with radio buttons. I have successfully accomplished being able to add items from the db as well as add multiple version of the form supplied purchase. My only problem comes to the total price. I am getting strange results on the total. If I add multiple items from the db, the total calculates perfectly. If I add multiple items from the form, the total calculates perfectly. If I mix the two, strange things happen. I've only been coding PHP for 5 months or so, so still pretty new. Have searched forums and YouTube repeatedly with no luck. Any ideas?

function cart() {
//Here is where items are added from the MySQL db.
foreach($_SESSION as $name => $value) {
    if ($value>0) {
        if (substr($name, 0, 5)=='cart_') {
            $id = substr($name, 5, (strlen($name)-5));
            $get = mysql_query('SELECT id, name, price FROM products WHERE id='.mysql_real_escape_string((int)$id));
            while ($get_row = mysql_fetch_assoc($get)) {
                $sub = $get_row['price']*$value;
                echo '<p>'.$get_row['name'].' x '.$value.' @ $'.number_format($get_row['price'], 2).' = $'.number_format($sub, 2).' <a href="cart-BE.php?remove='.$id.'">[-]</a> <a href="cart-BE.php?add='.$id.'">[+]</a> <a href="cart-BE.php?delete='.$id.'">[Delete]</a></p>';
        //Here is where the total is calculated from the db items.
        $total += $sub;
//Here is where I add item from user form input.
if (!empty($_SESSION['box_id_array'])) {
    foreach($_SESSION['box_id_array'] as $v1) {
        echo $_SESSION['box_pops_cart_'.$v1]['CakeFlavors'].' <a href="testing.php?remove_box='.$v1.'">Remove</a><br />';
        //Here is where I attempt to add the form total to db total. I assume the problem is here.
        $total += $_SESSION['box_pops_cart_'.$v1]['box_price'];
if ($total==0) {
    echo "Your cart is empty.";
} else {
    echo '<p>Total: $'.number_format($total, 2).'</p>';

    <form action="checkouttest.php" method="post">
    <?php submit_items(); ?>
    <input type="submit" name="checkout" id="checkout_btn" value="Checkout" />



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When you are working with currency, you need to be very consistent about when you round the result and how you round it. – datasage Mar 1 '13 at 18:49
YouTube isn't really a very good source of information; rather you should consult it's parent company Google. – Christian Stewart Mar 1 '13 at 18:49

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