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I have an old VB application that send mail this way using a Mapi.Session

Set objSession = New mapi.Session
strProfileInfo = strServeurExchange & vbLf & strSender_I
objSession.Logon NewSession:=True, NoMail:=False, ShowDialog:=False, ProfileInfo:=strProfileInfo

Now our exchange server will be Upgrade from 2008 to 2013. Does my App will still be able to connect and send mail? If not how can I convert It?

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There are a couple of MAPI CDO update that now work with E2013. The most recent is the May 2013 update which can be found here: Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1 May 2013 Update

As Dmitry mentioned, you will need to use ROH though.

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No, it will not work. CDO 1.21 is not aware of RPC-over-HTTP connections (ROH) and creates a temporary profile without using ROH, which is the only kind of connection accepted by Exchange 2013.

You might be able to use Redemption for that - the upcoming version of Redemption will support RDOSession.LogonExchangeMailbox with ROH connections.

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