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I have problem with railroady gem (https://github.com/preston/railroady).

In my application root folder I have:

-...<others standard folders>

I would like make diagrams using railroady, but it include only classes from app folder. I try to used all available options -m -a -p and so on but it didn't help. How to include classes from all gems in root folder?

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You should use Bundler to specify your gem dependencies, not store them in the root folder.

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In gem file I had it in that form: gem "some_gem", :require => "some_gem", :path => "some_gem" gem "some_other_gem", :require => "some_other_gem", :path => "some_other_gem" I thing its correct. –  michalo Mar 1 '13 at 19:36

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