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I have this table:

scanner name | maxwidth | maxlength
scanner A    | 50       | 100
scanner B    | 60       | 120

in my PHP i have:

$paperW = 70;
$paperL = 55;

how to do the mysql query so that my result will return:

scanner name
scanner B

The idea is to find which scanner fits the paper size. Although the paper width is 70 and length is 55, and printer B only have max width of 60, we can always rotate the paper orientation so that the paper width becomes 55 and the length becomes 70 which will fit scanner B.

in pseudo-code to check if a scanner fits the paper will be like this:

if (paperW <= maxWidth && paperL <= maxLength)
 return true
 if (paperW >  maxWidth){
    if (paperW <= maxLength && paperL <= maxWidth)
       return true;
       return false;
  return false;

I have no idea to transalte that into MySQL Query.. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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what have you tried? Have you looked into WHERE statements? –  UnholyRanger Mar 1 '13 at 19:19

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Just get the rectangle area in your php.

RectArea = width * length;

and use the RectArea in the where clause.

 FROM Scanners
    WHERE (MAX_WIDTH * MAX_LENGTH)  >=  RectArea ;
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thanks a lot! area seems to solve the problem.. –  Lau L Mar 1 '13 at 20:40
$query = 
 "SELECT FROM scanners 
  WHERE ( maxwidth <= ".(int)$paperW." 
       && maxlength <= ".(int)$paperL)." 
        ( maxwidth <= ".(int)$paperL." 
       && maxlength <= ".(int)$paperW." )
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You can use a where clause similar to:

WHERE (paperW <= maxWidth AND paperL <= maxLength) OR 
      (paperL <= maxWidth AND paperW <= maxLength)

This will get you most of the way. Be aware that it likely to return multiple rows, so you may want to do some ordering to get the best match and add a LIMIT 1 to return a single row.

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This is the right answer (i think xD) :

SELECT * FROM scanners 
(maxwidth >= paperW and maxlength >= paperL) #First case
(maxwidth >= paperL and maxlength >= paperW) #Rotating paper

Saludos ;)

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try this

 select scanner_name from your_table 
 where ('$paperW' <= maxwidth and $paperL <= maxlength ) 
  OR  ('$paperW' <= maxlength and $paperL <= maxwidth )


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