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This question might not seem programming related at first, but let me explain.

I'm stuck with using a keyboard that doesn't have "home" "end" "page up" and "page down" buttons. I need those functions for programming.

So the question is: what's a good/free utility to define system wide shortcuts and macros in vista? Mapping for example "ctrl/left arrow" to "home", "ctrl/right arrow" to "end" would solve my problem.

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AutoHotKey is the most configurable I know...


[EDIT] Another neat utility is Microsoft Keyboard Layout creator


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I have not used this personally, but I believe the Key Transformation application will help you out:


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AutoHotkey worked out great. Here's the script I'm using:


This maps "Win"+"right arrow" to "end", etc... this made the Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard usable for programming. Thanks for the suggestions!

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