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I'm creating an SVG using d3.js that uses a viewbox.

From JS, the viewbox is ignored as seen here. However, if I take the code generated by the JS and put it in as HTML, it renders using the viewbox, as seen here.

Why is the viewbox being ignored when defined in js, but not when defined in html?

Code as follows

var svg ='body')
  .attr("height", 400)
  .attr("width", 400)
  .attr('style','border: 1px solid black')
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Attributes in SVG are case sensitive. Multiword attributes are defined in camelCase:


More information can be found in the W3C Specifications

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It looks like the reason is a simple typo -- it should be viewBox and not viewbox. It appears that (at least Chrome) corrects this automatically when the page is loaded.

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Ugh. Right you are. Looks like I should have read the spec: – heneryville Mar 1 '13 at 19:36

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