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I am using Spring-ws. I am trying WebServiceTemplate.sendSourceAndReceive(src, mySourceExtractor); In the extractData callback method of the SourceExtractor, I get a DOMSource. Now what?

I know there is an attachment because when I call the service with soapUI, I can get the attachment (pdf file).

Is there a better way? Thanks.

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use a ClientInterceptor:

public class AttachmentInterceptor implements ClientInterceptor {
Iterator<Attachment> attachments;

public boolean handleResponse(MessageContext msgCtx) throws WebServiceClientException {
    WebServiceMessage msg = msgCtx.getResponse();
    if (msg instanceof SaajSoapMessage) {
        SaajSoapMessage sm = (SaajSoapMessage) msg;
        attachments = sm.getAttachments();
        return false;
    } else {
        return true;

public Iterator<Attachment> getAttachments() {
    return attachments; 

then attach interceptor to WebServiceTemplate and execute call:

    AttachmentInterceptor ai = new AttachmentInterceptor();
    wst.setInterceptors(new ClientInterceptor [] { ai });
    wst.sendSourceAndReceiveToResult(src, result);

     * get attachment
    Iterator<Attachment> it = ai.getAttachments();

then process the attachments.

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