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Hey I am trying to concatenate strings with javascript but I am having errors. Here is my code:

function popForm(){
   var v = document.getElementById('a1').innerHTML;

   document.getElementById("a1_i").innerHTML =
      "<input type='text' name='a1_i' value="+v+" />";

The element a1_i is a span that I am populating with the input tag shown above.

Further down I edit the element with ID a1:

document.getElementById("a1").innerHTML="blah bloop";

However when I try to view the result, all I can see is blah, not bloop.

Any suggestions?

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You should be using DOM methods such as createElement and appendChild to build HTML, not string concatenation. –  jbabey Mar 1 '13 at 20:10
That's the general consensus I have gotten from looking up stuff online. This is just for a little project between me and my friends though so I didn't want to put time into it to learn something else. I figured out that I just missed some quotes though. Thanks! –  higginsiv Mar 1 '13 at 20:28

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If you take a look at the generated HTML, you can notice following:

<input type='text' name='a1_i' value=blah bloop />

As syntax highlighter suggests, value of the value attribute is blah, while bloop is another attribute. You just need to add quotes:

function popForm(){
  var v = document.getElementById('a1').innerHTML; 
  document.getElementById("a1_i").innerHTML="<input type='text' name='a1_i' value='" + v   + "' />";

But if v contains symbol ', then you're in trouble again. So you either should replace them with HTML entities or follow jbabey's advice.

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I concur with Jbabey, it will save you extra coding of text/html strings (error prone) in the future. JavaScript concatenation is pretty straight forward

*variable1 + "Text, note quotes around" + variablearray[1] + "etc...";*

Use the methods: document.createElement document.createTextNode appendChild

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