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I want to identify all tables with more than 6 rows, as well as all tables with 6 or fewer rows.

About the best I can come up with is to loop over the rows for each table and count them, but there must be a more elegant solution. What can I do other than looping and counting to find these tables?

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I would use the .filter() method to filter out only the tables that match your criteria. In your case you could select all rows within the table and check the length. Something like this:

// Get tables with more than six rows
$("table").filter(function (){
   return $("tr", this).length > 6;

Working demo

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You can use jQuery.filter for this:

    return $(this).find("tr").length > 6;
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You're looking for .filter()

$('table').filter(function(index) {
    return $('tr', this).length > 6;
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Here's a technique that uses the :gt (greater-than) selector to count rows for you:

$bigtable = $('table').find('tr:gt(5)').closest('table'); // :gt is zero-indexed

After that, you can use .not() to get all the tables with six rows or less:

$smtable = $('table').not($bigtable);


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This doesn't address how to find tables with 6 or less rows also. –  cdeszaq Mar 4 '13 at 15:00
Strictly speaking, neither do any of the other answers. Updated. –  Blazemonger Mar 4 '13 at 15:19
True, they don't, but translating from the example shown in the others is much more obvious (to me), since it only takes a symbol flip. –  cdeszaq Mar 4 '13 at 15:29

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