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I have a subclass of Facebook's FBFriendPickerViewController in an iOS app. Is there a way to customize the look of that? I see the customizations that can be made for selecting a single friend, etc. I want to replace the headers and table cells. Using the FacebookSDK.framework it looks like the headers for FBGraphObjectTableCell and the associated data source are not included. How can I customize this?

If that's not an option, I'm not opposed to doing my own picker, but how can I sort friends using the graph api? I'd rather paginate them in that case and I need them to be in order by name. I've played around with doing this using fql, but the return data isn't as easy to manage as these FBGraphObjects.

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I have the same problem... In my situation I chose to have my own picker, do a query in FQL to get all the friends, order them by a comparator and then divide them in two groups (two arrays, users with app and users without app) and pass those values to the controller (which is a tableview delegate and tabledatasource delegate).

The problem I am facing is image loading. I've tried AFNetworking and SDWebImage but the view seems to be freezing from time to time and slow. After a while everything works... but that's not optimal.

Let me know if you find out any other way to achieve your goal, I would be really interested to know another method!

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Sorry..I've just found this: https://github.com/emreberge/My-Facebook-Friends, maybe it could be helpful! –  SimoneFolador Apr 6 '13 at 10:35

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