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I'm a newbie when it comes to 'R', but I've read up quite a bit of information and I still don't understand why I can't print the vector that i return in my function fn - I simply get the value "NULL". The goal of this function is to take values from two arrays, add them together and put them in a new array. I check with the print(test) command that the numbers in the arrays are being added correctly together which they are. Maybe I'm appending wrong? I don't see the problem right now.

fn <- function(x,y) {
liste <- vector(mode = "numeric", length = 192)
k <- 0  
for (i in 1:(length(x))) {
    for (j in 1:(length(y))) {
        test<-x[i] + y[j]
        append(liste,test, after=k)
        k <- k +1

event1 = c(0.0,5.0,10.0,12.0)
event2 = c(0.0,3.0,5.0,7.0)
event3 = c(6.0,8.0,10.0,10.0,12.0,13.0,13.0,14.0,16.0,17.0,17.0,20.0)

z <-fn(event2,event3)
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First of all, z is a vector (entirely of 0s), it's just an unnamed vector. That's why names(z) returns NULL.

Secondly, in your approach, this line:

append(liste,test, after=k)

should simply be:

liste[k] = test

This is because append doesn't change the vectors that it is passed, it just returns a new one.

However, there is a much easier way to do what you're trying to do, using the expand.grid function:

fn <- function(x, y) {
    rowSums(expand.grid(x, y))
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(+1) The last line is the actual answer. I was just writing that. – Arun Mar 1 '13 at 20:39
Thanks for the answer. But how I assign a return value to a variable then, if i cant do z<-fn(event2,event3)? – John Mar 1 '13 at 20:44
+1 for vectorized awesomeness. – Paul Hiemstra Mar 1 '13 at 20:44
@John: that does assign a return value to a variable. Try printing z (not names(z)) – David Robinson Mar 1 '13 at 20:55

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