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In my dashboard function I have a profile. Profiles have tags. What i'm trying to do is throw each tag that went through the parser into a list. And then that list to the template:

import feedparser
rss_result = []
tags = profile.tags.all()
for tag in tags:
    rss = feedparser.parse(tag.tag_rss) #tag.tag_rss is a url string  
context['tag_rss'] = rss_result

It's throwing this error: Exception Value: object has no attribute 'append

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help in advance.

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I think you meant to do rss_result.append(rss). You have it backwards.

Also, you could write it in fewer lines with a list comprehension. Entirely up to you, though.

import feedparser
tags = profile.tags.all()
context['tag_rss'] = [feedparser.parse(tag.tag_rss) for tag in tags]
# if you don't need to re-use rss_result, this should work okay
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That was it. Thank you! – Modelesq Mar 1 '13 at 21:09
@Anorov :) :) .. – Grijesh Chauhan Mar 1 '13 at 21:10





You want to append the item rss to the list, which is rss_result.

When you have an error like this it's helpful to try and parse out what the error is actually telling you:

Exception Value: object has no attribute 'append'

There seems to be a problem here when trying to call the attribute, append, so if you look back in your code you can see the only place you're trying to append something, is when you have rss.append(rss_result). In this case you can easily see that it's trying to call append on rss, and by looking at your code you can see that rss is the container for the feedparser output, and you don't want to append anything to that, you want that object to be appended to something else.

In this case you want to take your list, rss_result, and append the rss variable to the end of this empty list. hence: rss_result.append(rss)

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your mixed up this line: rss.append(rss_result) should be rss_result.append(rss)

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