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I've been searching on google how to deal with namespaces in Maya and all the results are for how to remove them. I don't want to remove them.

I'm referencing my character into the scene, I need to run a script on a specific locator, but they all have namespaces due to being referenced in.

For example: shldr = cmds.xform('L_shldrFK_match_LOC', ws = True, t = True, q = True)

That will get the translation value of the locator in worldspace, which is what I want. But it wont be able to find the locator due to the namespace.

How do I make it ignore namespaces in the code, but retain them inside maya?

The other thing that would be nice is for the code to recognize if there are no namespaces (eg the scene wasn't referenced in).

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You can not really ignore namespace, but you can load a namespace for your code to use henceforth with namespace -set "namespaceName" –  joojaa Mar 2 '13 at 22:44

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You can use cmds.namespaceInfo

This command can list all available namespaces and its containting objects.

Read more about here: namespaceInfo

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when im coding something like that i generally use an asterix for where the namespace is like so.

shldr = cmds.xform('*:L_shldrFK_match_LOC', ws = True, t = True, q = True)

it depends if your going to have other things in your scene under other namespace with the same name though because then it won't work

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