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I'm trying to get JBehave, JPA and Maven to play nicely together. I can run the test via eclipse and everything works just fine. I run it via maven, and JPA can't find the persistence.xml file. However a unit test I have finds the persistence.xml file just fine, but JBehave is not involved.

Clearly I need to tell JBehave to look in src/main/resources for the META-INF/persistence.xml file, or get it on the classpath at least. Is there a way to do that?

org.jbehave jbehave-maven-plugin 2.3-rc1 run-scenarios-found test test test/nsfw/bmp/partymodel/PartySearch.java test/nsfw/bmp/partymodel/RealtionshihpFunctionality.java run-scenarios

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I checked out quickly the jbehave-maven-plugin sources and it may be classloader issue. But without more details (e.g. the plugin version you use, the phase you run, the pom.xml), the only suggestion I can do is to open an issue here: http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/JBEHAVE/component/12482.

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