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My site uses the "facebook api sdk" to access the users facebook information and then log them in.

The following error message is produced: "Error: Could not access the Facebook API client (failed on users_getInfo(693671783)). Result: ; OAuthException: (#5) Unauthorized source IP address". I have tried using a different facebook plugin (Nextend Facebook Connect) , but the same error message is produced.

i tried to fill IP Address whitelist in App Setting, but still does not work...

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Please post some code to demonstrate an example of what you're doing. It's almost impossible to help you debug without knowing what you're actually calling. – Troy Alford Mar 1 '13 at 22:34
have posted a step by step guide to resolve this issue, apoorv.quora.com/… Hope it helps.. – Cody Apr 30 '13 at 21:28

Are you using Heroku?

If you are, your server outgoing IP will keep changing every time you deploy, some of Herokus IPs are blacklisted by Facebook so its really a random thing that will happen depending on which server you get at the time.

Fixing your outgoing IP with something like Proximo will make your source IP predictable when you query the API but its a bit pricy.

If you have a small app with a single dyno you can just keep recycling with heroku ps:restart until you get one of the 'good' servers.

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If you have multiple instances ( Dynos and Workers ), likely not all of them are blacklisted. Running 'heroku ps:restart' could move some of your good instances to bad IPs. Instead I recommend recycling only the bad instances through

heroku restart bad_instance_name --app=your_app_name

You can find the instances by grepping

heroku logs -t --app=your_app_name | grep 'Unauthorized source IP address'

The resulting output will reveal the instance names.

This worked much better for us than 'heroku ps:restart' since we have more than 5 running instances, and at any one time only 1 or 2 of them had a bad IP.

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FB has updated their bug as 'Fixed' for this issue. See developers.facebook.com/bugs/649166715098648 – blotto Apr 30 '13 at 22:09

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