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In the project manage app I'm working on it should be possible to edit/delete a ticket if you are the owner of (i.e. the creator of) the ticket and/or the admin of the project the ticket belongs to.

In the template for showing a project I want to use a custom filter to determine this, used as seen here:

{% if ticket|owner_or_admin:user %}
        <a href="{% url ticket_edit project.id %}">Edit</a>
        <a id="delete_link" href="{% url ticket_delete ticket.id %}">Delete</a>
{% endif %}

Below is a try of creating this custom filter, but this throws an error ('owner_or_admin requires 2 arguments, 1 provided'):

def ownership(ticket, project, user):
    if ticket.user == user:
        return true;    
        if project.added_by_user == user:
            return true
    return false


class Project(models.Model):
    ... fields ...
    added_by_user = models.ForeignKey(User)

class Ticket(models.Model):
    ... fields ...
    user = models.ForeignKey(User)

So, how do I provide two arguments? Is the custom filter correct otherwise?

Thanks in advance!

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You can't pass multiple arguments to a template filter according to the docs, but you could use two filters instead.


{% if ticket|owner:user or project|admin:user %}
    <!-- blah -->
{% endif %}


def ownership(ticket, user):
    if ticket.user == user:
        return True
    return False

def adminship(project, user):
    if project.added_by_user == user:
        return True
    return False

(EDIT: also, your booleans in the filter code should be capitalized)

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Perfect, thanks a lot! – holyredbeard Mar 1 '13 at 23:41

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