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Long time reader, first time poster! =)

I am having an issue with jQuery. I am trying to add a style to each li, however, unless the li already has that specific style defined inline, jQuery will seemingly do nothing. Which is a fine workaround but defeats the goal of my code.

Here's the example of the problem I am having on codepen. I forked another person's code to try to have jQuery add the animation delay instead of having it hard coded in the HTML. I believe the effect and style only work on Chrome.

As you can see I have the first few li elements with inline styles. jQuery changes these correctly, but does not add styles to the other li elements.

Any ideas?

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I think the problem is that the LIs that don't have inline styles finish animating (or at least start animating) before the $(document).ready() function executes. Compare to this other codepen thingie:

All the LIs get the border width and the increased animation delay to 10 seconds. Except of the one with the coral class, which has a very small delay (zero in this case). In your case every LI without an inline style value for the delay got a zero by default, which caused it to start animating before the document ready function had a chance to change the values.

In the codepen I linked above I put to numbers you can play with to see the effects. they are play1 in the HTML source (coral LI), and play2 in the CSS source (last of the LI rule attributes).

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Ah! I think you are right, about the animation finishing before the jQuery can change it. Thanks!!! – user2122059 Mar 2 '13 at 0:38

I don't see anything in the jquery that would manipulate css in your example... on that note, .css should work just fine:

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